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Dill P/N Tool Features/Applications
5170 Valve core wrench and tire deflator Dual purpose tool, becomes tire deflator when screwed firmly over valve
5209 4-Way Valve tool Installs and removes valve cores including cores with broken swivels, cleans and re-cuts threads on both inside and outside of valve
5260 Large Bore Tool Kit Large bore tool kit, contains eight tools in a handy pouch.
5406 Valve core inserter Hexagonal, all metal, nickel plated
5407 Snap-in valve installation tool Rugged steel tool handles any length valve snap-in valve in any size rim, screws over valve threads, quickly install snap-in valves by applying pulling pressure.
5407-AL Snap-in valve installation tool An aluminum version of the 5407 installation tool with a unique built-in valve core driver on the end of the handle
5407-P Snap-in valve installation tool Plastic version of the 5407 with an internal metal insert to maintain strength and rigidity.
5411 Valve core screwdriver Compact, sturdy tool with plastic handle, allows firm grip to insert and remove valve cores.
5500 Low Profile bead lever tool. Unique angle handle gives more leverage, knurled handle provides better grip.
6108 Tube Deflator Quickly deflates tubes by applying air pressure to side inlet with air chuck, pressure action siphons air from the tube
6108-D Deflating Nozzle Same as 6108 with additional deflator pin for deflating tires without removing valve core
6129 Easy–Out core extractor Easy out, left handed thread easily removes core with broken swivel.
8909 Valve Fishing Tool Aligns and holds valve in position with valve hole while mounting tire, fits all valve hole sizes.