Tire Valve Hardware - Gauge Check Station

Dill 8500 Gauge Check Station

The Dill 8500 Gauge Check Station is a quick accurate way for tire dealers to check the accuracy of air gauges. A must for facilities that need to comply with California standards.


-0-160 psi liquid filled gauge.
-Access valve mounted on a pressure reservoir.
-1/4 inch NPT filter/regulator to remove contaminants from compressed air.
-A certificate of accuracy for ISO records.
-Designed to easily bolt to a wall or table.
-Made in the USA!

California Tire Inflation Regulation

CARB has now approved the regulation that in California service centers must put the tire pressure on the customers invoice and must use and maintain an accurate gauge. Section 95550 in California Title 17


Dill Passenger Car Gauges that meet California Tire Inflation Regulation 95550


5900 Digital Tire Gauge

5900 Digital Tire Gauge



7230 Air Liquid



Dill P/N Pressure Range (psi)
5600 10-75
5900 4-100
7213 10-50
7230 5-45
7242 10-50